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Recent Openings
  • Air freight Operations Officer new
  • Warehouse Assistant new
  • Light Duty Driver
  • Motor Bike Messenger
  • IT Governance Officer
  • Storekeeper
  • Business Development Officer
  • Customer Service Officer
  • Warehouseman
  • Inventory Assistant
  • Distribution Assistant
  • Driver cum Assembler
  • Messenger
  • Warehouse Team Leader
  • Customs Clearance Agent
  • Warehouse Supervisor
  • Office Assistant
  • RMS Assistant
  • Customer Service Officer
  • HVAC & Refrigeration Technician
  • Heavy Duty Driver
  • Forklift Operator
  • Assistant Manager - Warehouse
  • Furniture Assemblers
Air freight Operations Officer
  Job Summary

Responsible for handling Air freight documentation /customs clearance formalities ensuring updates to CS, delivering cargo  on time, invoicing and handling over job file to account department.

Key Result Areas (Responsibilities)

1. Ensure compliance with contractual obligations related to customer's requirements.
2. Respond to all customers inquiries and issues related.
3. Update CS/clients on the status of the shipments/clearance & delivery of shipments.
4. Ensure the smooth workflow in the department and prioritize work as required.
5. Updating reports on the status of shipments.
6. Interacting with the liners for shipment arrivals, invoices.
7. Invoicing of jobs to customers
8. Delivery of shipments in the fastest most effective manner.
9. Work effectively accepting and taking over responsibilities in the absence of any colleague in the department.

  Skills/ Experience/ Certification

1. Should have 3 years of experience in the freight industry in Operations Department
2. Must possess good communication and interpersonal skills
3. Must have the ability to prioritize and organize .

Warehouse Assistant
  Job Summary

To assist the Warehouseman in their daily transactional activities and responsible for the general housekeeping in the warehouse.

Key Result Areas (Responsibilities)

1. Assists the Warehouseman, Team Leaders, MHE Operators in Loading, Unloading, Segregation, Sorting, and Dispatches.

2. Responsible for regular housekeeping tasks such as cleaning which does not fall within the purview of the Contractors

3. Undertakes other assignments, or duties as required

4. Packing and Re-packing of the wooden cases

5. Assistance in Fabrication of boxes for material preservation & shipping
6. Assisting warehouse team during removals or re-location

  Skills/ Experience/ Certification

1. High School or equivalent preferred

2. 1+ years of related experience and/or training preferred

3. Read / Write / speak English

4. Able to perform simple mathematical functions

5. Knowledge in computer is an added advantage

6. Forklift certification preferred

7. Duties may require exerting up to 70 lbs. of force to lift, carry, push, pull, or otherwise move objects

  Job Summary

Handling all warehouse operations-ensuring that the work is completed within given time line, assigning jobs to warehouse people, monitor all inbounds and outbound.

Key Result Areas (Responsibilities)

1. The team leader must be self-motivated and work with the minimum of supervision

2. They must possess and demonstrate leadership potential and accumulated warehousing experience to supervise or fill for the Supervisor if necessary

3. Ensuring effective, efficient and trouble free operations

4. Ensures operations are conducted as per SOPs deviations with suggestions, if any are reported to the Warehouse Supervisor/Manager

5. Ensures preventive maintenance is undertaken on the MHE’s under purview

6. Ensuring housekeeping tasks on regular basis

7. Maintain the utilization of the warehouse locations at optimum levels

8. Guides and motivates the personnel under his control for performance enhancement 9. Coordinates and supports the Warehouse Supervisor/Warehouse Manager in administrative tasks of the team including preparation of shifts

10. Allocate and assign work to the warehouse operatives to ensure compliance with Departmental KPIs

11. Coordinates with the Inventory team to investigate discrepancies and non conformities and informs the Warehouse Manager

12. Verify all NCRs

13. Keeping all the ISO required formats in that standard

14. Frequently monitoring the temperature of the frozen chambers and report to the Warehouse Manager

15. Ensure the training of the warehouse operatives on the relevant MHEs

16. Coordinate with Customer Service Executives on documentation, other processes and other issues

17. Effectively utilising the resources (man and machine) up to the optimal level

18. Consciously utilizing resources according to their skills and competency so that tasks are accomplished on time

19. Lead by example in demonstrating proper techniques to improve performance

20. Ensuring accuracy at all times during loading into trucks

21. Institute immediate corrective action in the event of any inventory discrepancy

  Skills/ Experience/ Certification

1. Diploma or an equivalent

2. 2-3 year of experience in logistics industry

3. Should have supervisory experience

4. Added advantage having knowledge of Warehouse SOP, ISO standards for Warehouse 5. Should be knowledgeable on MS Office, MS Outlook and Warehouse Health and Safety Procedure

6. Excellent skills in Delegation, Coordination and Time Management Skills.

7. Has supervisory and leadership since will handle a number of warehousemen

8. Can communicate well in writing and verbal

9. Has the ability to resolve issues, conflicts and maintain cleanliness in the warehouse 10. Forecasting workload is a must as well as handles pressures with deadlines and targets

Customer Service Officer
  Job Summary

Responsible for delivering the highest standards of Customer Service to a number of Customers across the business.

Management of customer stock and invoicing, order processing and report generation.
Key Result Areas (Responsibilities)

1. Coordinates with the Clients / Client Representatives to meet their requirements
2. Creates Advance Shipment Notice (ASN), Receiving Tally Sheet (RTS), Picking Lists (PL) and Shipment Orders (SO) in the Warehouse Management System (EXceed)
3. Creates and Manages Non Conformance Reports (NCRs) when goods are damaged or received not as per packing lists
4. Creates of Stock Keeping Unit (SKU), Pack Key and updates data in coordination with Operations team.
5. Compiles and verifies the accuracy of stock reports as required by clients on a regular basis.
6. Verifies the System documents with Physical documents (Invoice, Purchase Order).
7. Manage the tariff setting of clients in EXceed.
8. Ensures the services provided to the clients are according to the customer profile. 9.Coordinate with other Departments to provide a complete solution to clients (e.g. Transport for vehicle use, Finance for Invoice queries)
10. Maintains FEFO standards integrity for food items and FIFO standards for non food items
11. Record any customer complaints and escalate these to their supervisor immediately 12.Complete ad hoc requests from either clients or management.

  Skills/ Experience/ Certification

1. Should have minimum of 1 year of experience in a related field
2. Knowledge on Logistics Terminologies Procedures and computations, NCR Compliance, Warehouse SOP, FEFO and FIFO Standards.
3. Excellent in Customer Service, Communication Skills (Written and Verbal) and Time Management skills (Coordination and stress management). A CSE can communicate well with customers and negotiate on certain aspects and establish rapport.
4. Ability to generate reports and interpret in detail to management. Works well with a team and can multi task.

Warehouse Team Leader
  Job Summary

Handling WH operations from receipt of goods, storage and Handling, product picking & dispatching through WMS, delivery to customers ensuring FIFO rule is followed.

Key Result Areas (Responsibilities)

1. Ensures that quality procedures and practices are consistently executed within the operation.
2. Team leader is required to control operatives, ensuring that they work within given time lines and adhere to current procedures and SOP’s.
3. Ensure warehouse personnel are gainfully employed by allocating work according to priorities and current projects.
4. Lead warehousing staff and plan all resources, including people, tools relevant to the job, maintenance of mechanical handling equipment ensuring all pertinent schedules are met.
5. Communicates performance to team and implements improvements necessary to correct deficiencies.
6. Monitor, Control and Display Team Performance measures,Including:-Delivery,quality,cost safety, people & skills
7. Develop and control standard operating procedures and other visual aids
8. Assist with employment development and appraisal of team members
9. Monitor competence levels of team members and identify training needs
10. Cover team operations as required
11. Good house keeping and organization in all areas

  Skills/ Experience/ Certification

1. Minimum 3 years’ experience in related field
2. Good communications skills in English
3. Practical experience in working with Warehouse Management System
4. Knowledge of warehouse material handling equipment and its maintenance
5. Computer literate and familiar with Microsoft Office.          

Forklift Operator
  Job Summary

The Material Handling Equipment (MHE) Operator is responsible for operating all Material Handling Equipment in a safe and efficient manner and executing physical handling of lifting and shifting of palletized goods, materials or cargo from one place to another in a safe and efficient manner

Key Result Areas (Responsibilities)

1. Perform Putaway or Order Picking and prepare product for shipment using Radio Data Terminal (RDT)
2. Performing transactional posting using RDT for putaway and order picking tasks

3. Unload inbound shipments safely and move products to the marshalling area requirement.
4. Ensuring effective execution of work so that all assigned tasks are executed in the most efficient manner and without delay thus achieving high productivity rate

5. Performing stock count or cycle count as and when required
6. Arrangement of empty pallets in an orderly manner and sorting out good and broken pallets and transferring of broken pallet to the pallet yard

7. Performing other warehouse duties as and when instructed and assigned by the Team Leader or Supervisor.
8. Performing pre and post inspection check on MHE on a daily basis by carrying out safety checks of equipment in accordance with set procedures

9. Operate equipment safely and in accordance with set rules and guidelines

10. Charging and changing of batteries in accordance with set schedules and procedures

11. Ensure MHE cleanliness is maintained and fill up inspection report and notify Supervisor of any defects
12. Ensure proper use of RDT by handling the unit in a safe manner without dropping, knocking or damaging the unit and to charge the unit after each use

13. Ensure truck drivers or any unauthorised personnel do not enter the warehouse through the dock doors

  Skills/ Experience/ Certification

1. High School Certificate

2. Minimum 1 year working experience, preferably in a modern warehouse environment

3. Able to read and write English

4. Capable of following verbal and written instructions in English

5. Able to perform simple mathematical functions

6. Physically fit as manual handling required

7. Forklift or Pallet Mover – electric/battery operated or diesel operated

8. Valid Forklift driving license or GCC driving licence for light or heavy vehicle

9. Ability to work in a cold store environment if required (subject to correct safety equipment etc).

10. Knowledge in computer is an added advantage

11. Able to work under pressure and ability to multi task is important

Customer Service Support
  Job Summary
    To work closely with internal & external customers for routing/monitoring/tracking shipments from origin till delivery to consignee at destination
Key Result Areas (Responsibilities)
1) Routing order follow ups
2) Monitoring of pick up, status of order, movement of shipment, arrival, clearance, delivery
3) To be in constant touch with the customers and their broker to provide regular and timely updates
4) Ensuring that ICA is as per the RO
5) Handling of shipments as per the customers/general SOP (pre-arrival & post arrival)
6) Ensure that DSRs are correct with timely updates
7) Liaising with shipping lines / airlines / origin / destination for regular updates
8) Auditing of documents and corrective action taken
9) Maintaining Daily Status Report as required for all shipments
10) Handing over the job files to Operations well in times as per the KPI
11) Record all service failures by all departments including self and customer complaints
12) Ensure that department & company KPIs are met
  Skills/ Experience/ Certification
1) Should be a graduate with good interpersonal & Communication Skills
2) Ability to Prioritize and effectively update customers
3) Experience of at least 2 years in a similar role from freight forwarding industry