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Recent Openings
  • RMS Assistant new
  • Inventory Assistant new
  • Distribution Assistant new
  • Driver cum Assembler new
  • Electrician new
  • Warehouse Team Leader
  • HVAC & Refrigeration Technician new
  • Furniture Assemblers new
  • Distribution Representative new
  • Operations Officer new
  • Warehouse Assistant
  • Air freight Operations Officer
RMS Assistant
  Job Summary

Responsible for the data from customers to be transferred to RMS System and the documentation of jobs done.

Key Result Areas (Responsibilities)

1) RMS activities such as inventory, system update, etc.
2) Preparing Reports.
3) Be a team member of Project works
4) Register updating & filing works
5) Retrieving files in response to requests
6) Destroying records at the end of their agreed retention period
7) Managing the storage environment
8) Assisting DMS/RMS Activities
9) Assisting activities such as Scanning, QC, Indexing

  Skills/ Experience/ Certification

1) Diploma or an equivalent
2) 1 year of experience in a related field
3) Knowledge in RMS Systems and RMS procedures
4) Skills on Time management and communication
5) Be able to work with a team.

Inventory Assistant
  Job Summary

1. Undertake a physical cycle count - warehouse wise.
2. Physical audit for inbound & outbound items on daily basis.
3. Outbound checking for all the deliveries quantity & expiry wise.
4. Monitoring and updating audit findings on daily basis
5. Resolving and communicating the error’s to Inventory Controller.
6. Weekly basis inventory reports.

Key Result Areas (Responsibilities)

1. Accuracy of physical count
2. Document the audit findings
3. Ensuring timely repots and resolving the discrepancies on daily basis
4. Cross checking the inbound and outbound items
5. Updating the hatch tracking on daily basis

  Skills/ Experience/ Certification

2. Computer literate
3. Good communication and numerical skills.

Distribution Assistant
  Job Summary

The Distribution Representative will assist the Distribution Representative in delivering orders to required locations including handling/responsibilities of the products from warehouse to customer and vice versa

Key Result Areas (Responsibilities)

1) Ensures delivery vehicle is clean ready for delivery
2) Assists in ensuring that the order is correct and checked before loading
3) Assists in loading neatly and securing properly items inside the truck
4) Assists in the offloading items carefully at customer site

  Skills/ Experience/ Certification

1) Ability to communicate effectively in English
2) Positive attitude and Flexibility, willing to work long hours
3) Logical and Self Motivated, Customer Focused
4) Pleasing personality

Driver cum Assembler
  Job Summary
    To ensure a positive shopping experience for the customers by driving, delivering, and assembling/setting up furniture at customers’ homes. To ensure on-time delivery, timely offloading of goods into homes, appropriate courtesy and professional behavior, proper and timely assembly of furniture, and overall customer satisfaction.
Key Result Areas (Responsibilities)
1) Deliver and off load furniture’s to customer’s place in a timely manner
2) Check and verified each articles against the customer’s invoice before loading
3) Ensure to check physically all breakable items before loading
4) Ensure to carry the corresponding assembly tools requirements before leaving the loading bay dock (ex. Drill for concrete wall fixing) 5) Ensure to call the customer at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time
6) Ensure efficient and safe handling of furniture to reduce risks of damages
7) Ensure efficient furniture assembly operations ensuring customer’s satisfaction
8) Use empty cartons as platform to protect the customer’s floor from getting scratch or damage when assembling the furniture’s 9) Secures customer’s safety at all times by following the assembly instructions and products safety recommendations (ex. High cabinet to be fixed to the wall)
10) Consistently interact with customers in a polite/courteous and professional manner
11) Ensure the customer sign the customer’s home delivery copy document before leaving the customer’s place
12) Collect all left over waste materials (cartons, papers etc.) and if necessary offer the customer if you could vacuum the area/place from where the assembly took place
13) Communicate/reports to the concerned department for any stocks irregularities and ensure action is taken immediately
14) Ensure tools maintenance and documentation
15) Operate delivery vehicle in a safe and courteous manner and ensure that any required maintenance is undertaken
16) Must wear uniform and maintain personal appearance by following dress code requirements
17) Responsible for the delivery trucks and merchandise on the trucks
18) In some events drilling of holes/screws into parts using power drill / screwdrivers
19) May help unload / load shipments at warehouse and do backup warehouse duties when not on a delivery
20) Supervise the work of the assigned delivery helper and help to unpack and assemble sample merchandise at store
  Skills/ Experience/ Certification
1. Valid driving license with a good driving record and must be able to read maps and follow oral and written instructions
2. Heavy lifting required – up to 100 lbs. May be required to carry heavy merchandise up stairs
3. Must have 4-6 years of experience in home delivery/ home moving with good knowledge in furniture assembling.
  Job Summary
    Installs, repairs and maintains motors, transformers, generators, lights, appliances, circuits, wiring, and other electrical system equipment and components in compliance with electrical codes, standards and regulations. Help senior electricians by performing duties of lesser skill. Duties include using, supplying or holding materials or tools and cleaning work area and equipment.
Key Result Areas (Responsibilities)
1) As per the maintenance schedule check all the system in MEP & fire fitting system as per the schedule.
2) Prepare the check list.
3) Supervening and arrange the necessary coordination with other department.
4) Attend breakdowns, diagnose faults and oversee time critical repairs on the equipment
5) Monitoring and Controlling of work
6) Check the work site location and making the list of materials required.
  Skills/ Experience/ Certification
1) ITI-Diploma Electrical Engineering
2) Minimum 5 years of experience in the relevant field
Warehouse Team Leader
  Job Summary

Handling WH operations from receipt of goods, storage and Handling, product picking & dispatching through WMS, delivery to customers ensuring FIFO rule is followed.

Key Result Areas (Responsibilities)

1. Ensures that quality procedures and practices are consistently executed within the operation.
2. Team leader is required to control operatives, ensuring that they work within given time lines and adhere to current procedures and SOP’s.
3. Ensure warehouse personnel are gainfully employed by allocating work according to priorities and current projects.
4. Lead warehousing staff and plan all resources, including people, tools relevant to the job, maintenance of mechanical handling equipment ensuring all pertinent schedules are met.
5. Communicates performance to team and implements improvements necessary to correct deficiencies.
6. Monitor, Control and Display Team Performance measures,Including:-Delivery,quality,cost safety, people & skills
7. Develop and control standard operating procedures and other visual aids
8. Assist with employment development and appraisal of team members
9. Monitor competence levels of team members and identify training needs
10. Cover team operations as required
11. Good house keeping and organization in all areas

  Skills/ Experience/ Certification

1. Minimum 3 years’ experience in related field
2. Good communications skills in English
3. Practical experience in working with Warehouse Management System
4. Knowledge of warehouse material handling equipment and its maintenance
5. Computer literate and familiar with Microsoft Office.          

HVAC & Refrigeration Technician
  Job Summary

Install heating/air conditioning/refrigeration equipment and system for the purpose of providing comfort inside facilities.
Inspects systems and their components (e.g. Air conditioning, heating and refrigeration units, building exhaust fans ventilation etc.) for the purpose of ensuring safety and identifying repair and providing an ongoing of preventive maintenance.
Diagnoses problems and/or failures in heating/air conditioning/refrigeration system for the purpose of identifying equipments and/system repair and replacement need.
Performs routing and preventive maintenance as needed and/or assigned for the purpose of ensuring the ongoing functioning of HVAC and refrigeration system.
Prepares documentation (e.g. records of refrigerants, paperworks, logs, time and materials specifications, etc.)
Repairs various items, systems and/or components for the purpose of ensuring that item are available and in safe working condition.
Read complex piping, sketches, and schematics and wiring diagrams, Performs brazing, soldering, pipefitting, welding and fabrication.

Key Result Areas (Responsibilities)

1) Investigates problems and performs repairs on various mechanical and electrical equipment in heating, cooling and ventilation systems.
2) Monitors and inspects heating cooling system to ensure continued operation.

  Skills/ Experience/ Certification

1) Requires basic knowledge in a specific area obtained through training after high school and two year HVAC experience.

Furniture Assemblers
  Job Summary
    To assist driver in all phases of deliver operation
Key Result Areas (Responsibilities)
1) Help and assist the Driver Assembler load and offload the furniture to the customer’s place
2) Help and assist the Driver Assembler in assembling and installing the furniture’s
3) Assist in set-up of furniture in the customer's home.
4) Ensure to collect all assembly tools before leaving the customer’s place
5) Collect and remove all empty cartons and other left over materials from the customer’s place and keep them inside the trucks cabin
6) Ensure to throw all empty cartons and other left over materials at the designated waste skips
  Skills/ Experience/ Certification
1. Must have 2 to 4 years of experience in Furniture Assembling.
2. Heavy lifting required – up to 100 lbs. May be required to carry heavy merchandise
Distribution Representative
  Job Summary
    The Distribution Representative will deliver orders to customer locations and vice-versa and be responsible for the security and handling of the products
Key Result Areas (Responsibilities)
1) Ensures delivery vehicle is clean and in working condition
2) Ensures orders are accurate and checked before loading
3) Ensures items and equipment are loaded neatly and secured properly inside a delivery vehicle
4) Ensures item temperature delivery requirements are strictly followed and implemented
5) Guides delivery assistant in the delivery process
6) Responsible for constantly communicating and reporting to the Distribution Supervisor delivery progress
  Skills/ Experience/ Certification
1) Minimum one year in a similar position
2) Establish and maintain positive customer relationships, resolving customer issues.
3) Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
4) Positive attitude and Flexibility, Unbiased, willing to work long hours
5) Sharp and Accurate, Logical and Self Motivated, Customer Focused
6) Pleasing personality
Operations Officer
  Job Summary

Responsible for assisting the Team Leader and/or RMS Supervisor in the completion of the jobs.

Key Result Areas (Responsibilities)

1) Responsible for day to day transactions and operations of RMS
2) To receive the query from the customers and to act upon it.
3) To prepare daily transaction report
4) Scoping and survey of proposed customers
5) Meeting client prerequisites
6) Job file preparation and submission
7) Records Management system administration activities
8) Preparing Inventory report
9) Updating RMS application
10) Onsite works execution

  Skills/ Experience/ Certification

1) Diploma or an equivalent
2) 1 year experience in a related field
3) Knowledgeable in RMS Operations Procedure, key account requirements, key customer profiles, IT applications (MS Office and MS Outlook)
4) Skills in Customer Service and communication
5) Be able to work harmoniously with a team and should be committed to quality work and team improvement

Warehouse Assistant
  Job Summary

To assist the Warehouseman in their daily transactional activities and responsible for the general housekeeping in the warehouse.

Key Result Areas (Responsibilities)

1. Assists the Warehouseman, Team Leaders, MHE Operators in Loading, Unloading, Segregation, Sorting, and Dispatches.

2. Responsible for regular housekeeping tasks such as cleaning which does not fall within the purview of the Contractors

3. Undertakes other assignments, or duties as required

4. Packing and Re-packing of the wooden cases

5. Assistance in Fabrication of boxes for material preservation & shipping
6. Assisting warehouse team during removals or re-location

  Skills/ Experience/ Certification

1. High School or equivalent preferred

2. 1+ years of related experience and/or training preferred

3. Read / Write / speak English

4. Able to perform simple mathematical functions

5. Knowledge in computer is an added advantage

6. Forklift certification preferred

7. Duties may require exerting up to 70 lbs. of force to lift, carry, push, pull, or otherwise move objects

Air freight Operations Officer
  Job Summary

Responsible for handling Air freight documentation /customs clearance formalities ensuring updates to CS, delivering cargo  on time, invoicing and handling over job file to account department.

Key Result Areas (Responsibilities)

1. Ensure compliance with contractual obligations related to customer's requirements.
2. Respond to all customers inquiries and issues related.
3. Update CS/clients on the status of the shipments/clearance & delivery of shipments.
4. Ensure the smooth workflow in the department and prioritize work as required.
5. Updating reports on the status of shipments.
6. Interacting with the liners for shipment arrivals, invoices.
7. Invoicing of jobs to customers
8. Delivery of shipments in the fastest most effective manner.
9. Work effectively accepting and taking over responsibilities in the absence of any colleague in the department.

  Skills/ Experience/ Certification

1. Should have 3 years of experience in the freight industry in Operations Department
2. Must possess good communication and interpersonal skills
3. Must have the ability to prioritize and organize .

Customer Service Support
  Job Summary
    To work closely with internal & external customers for routing/monitoring/tracking shipments from origin till delivery to consignee at destination
Key Result Areas (Responsibilities)
1) Routing order follow ups
2) Monitoring of pick up, status of order, movement of shipment, arrival, clearance, delivery
3) To be in constant touch with the customers and their broker to provide regular and timely updates
4) Ensuring that ICA is as per the RO
5) Handling of shipments as per the customers/general SOP (pre-arrival & post arrival)
6) Ensure that DSRs are correct with timely updates
7) Liaising with shipping lines / airlines / origin / destination for regular updates
8) Auditing of documents and corrective action taken
9) Maintaining Daily Status Report as required for all shipments
10) Handing over the job files to Operations well in times as per the KPI
11) Record all service failures by all departments including self and customer complaints
12) Ensure that department & company KPIs are met
  Skills/ Experience/ Certification
1) Should be a graduate with good interpersonal & Communication Skills
2) Ability to Prioritize and effectively update customers
3) Experience of at least 2 years in a similar role from freight forwarding industry